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There are so many information on the web  so why YAAC could bring something new on the web? The first idea is to bring our customer a very precise view of their changing market in Europe from shopfloor experience and mid sizes companies.

This is essential for companies now to have a real time view of their markets what are their mjor changes in Europe and what are the trends.

Just for experience I was at the shareholder conference of the company Airliquide in Paris last month with more than 5000  people attending. This is very impressive to see how this company as a vision of the changing world. We discover that their traditionnal market to suplly Oxygen for steel industries is moving to medical services with suplly oxygen to breath  assisted people wit a fast grow. I imagine that this comapny will invest a lot on fuel cells technology as Mercedes and Toyota have planned to put on the market in 2015  fuel cells technology for their new cars.



Europe market are in full evolution and should adapt to future challenge . It is interesting also to see how each country in Europe will react and the panics of the politics that have no chance to  build a   new wall against this revolution

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