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This is  a  real opportunity for YAAC to open its new blog in English. The idea is to share our experience with our customers of their business development in Europe and also  analyse their strategy in real time versus this  economic battle worldwide war .

This is very interesting how each country will react with several and different cultures on the old continent facing new economies. How this revolution will modify the whole economy of each country in Europe and what will european answer to this challenge.  

With YAAC you will find real marketing cases  of  major sectors of industries such as automotive,  aerospace, railways, telecom,

and also the world of the Information technology as an application for industries and services.

The main road map for YAAC will be its determination to encourage innovation and help entrepeneur to win this battle. I think many companies in Europe and specially in South have secured their business on public sectors with major companies run by gouvernement and politics.  They are like dinosorus  thinking that old times  will be maintyained for ever. Thye didn't have to struggle for getting new markets and develop innovation. They  have not seen that the after war economy is over with the decolonisation and open market.  




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