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Happy New Year

Bloavez mad

glückliches neues jahr

feliz año nuevo

buon anno

feliz ano novo

с новым годом


Gelukkig Nieuwjaar

jabulela unyaka omusha




سنة جديدة سعيدة


New plastic : Peek

With our partner in Italy we achieving very good success with the use of new plastic material like Peek. We have developped two new projects one with an Internatinal company for hydraulic blocks for agro machines and one Italian company for low energy heating system with a complete set of smoke duct improving heating efficiency.

Please send us your ideas and we we will pleased to make them happen...


SAP By design

SAP By Design is the most achieved  integrated ERP/CRM solution for mid sized companies in full development. With more than 10 projects achieved with YAAC we have experience  of implementing CRM in different sectors of industries and services.

You got the full SAP suites for less than 100 euros per month per user....

We largely recommand SAP By Design  as the solution for companies looking for easy to maintain and best ROI.  The self tutorial is also a great advantage. No harware required you simplify maintenance and reduce your support and IT team . It will offer you a minimum 30% ROI on your present  solutions.

Saas mode:  the  IT solution for your future.


Contatc us on info@yaac.fr

Why a new blog for YAAC

YAAC why a new blog for YAAC business consulting and marketing solutions

There are so many information on the web  so why YAAC could bring something new on the web? The first idea is to bring our customer a very precise view of their changing market in Europe from shopfloor experience and mid sizes companies.

This is essential for companies now to have a real time view of their markets what are their mjor changes in Europe and what are the trends.

Just for experience I was at the shareholder conference of the company Airliquide in Paris last month with more than 5000  people attending. This is very impressive to see how this company as a vision of the changing world. We discover that their traditionnal market to suplly Oxygen for steel industries is moving to medical services with suplly oxygen to breath  assisted people wit a fast grow. I imagine that this comapny will invest a lot on fuel cells technology as Mercedes and Toyota have planned to put on the market in 2015  fuel cells technology for their new cars.



Europe market are in full evolution and should adapt to future challenge . It is interesting also to see how each country in Europe will react and the panics of the politics that have no chance to  build a   new wall against this revolution

Welcome to the new YAAC's blog Business Consulting and Marketing solutions

This is  a  real opportunity for YAAC to open its new blog in English. The idea is to share our experience with our customers of their business development in Europe and also  analyse their strategy in real time versus this  economic battle worldwide war .

This is very interesting how each country will react with several and different cultures on the old continent facing new economies. How this revolution will modify the whole economy of each country in Europe and what will european answer to this challenge.  

With YAAC you will find real marketing cases  of  major sectors of industries such as automotive,  aerospace, railways, telecom,

and also the world of the Information technology as an application for industries and services.

The main road map for YAAC will be its determination to encourage innovation and help entrepeneur to win this battle. I think many companies in Europe and specially in South have secured their business on public sectors with major companies run by gouvernement and politics.  They are like dinosorus  thinking that old times  will be maintyained for ever. Thye didn't have to struggle for getting new markets and develop innovation. They  have not seen that the after war economy is over with the decolonisation and open market.  




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